JRExRates: Display Currency Exchange Rates  (V1.0.0)

Joomla module to display selected exchange rates table for a specific base currency.

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JRExRates from JoomReem.com displays exchange rates for a base currency against a configured list of foreign currencies. It uses the free service from jsonrates.com, you just need to register and generate an API key for free.


Use the 'Download ZIP' button to get the installation file, then install using Extension Manager.


  1. Register in jsonrates.com to Get Free API Key: https://jsonrates.com/signup/
  2. Edit the JRExRates module to configure it.
  3. Enter the API key you got from step 1 in the API Key from jsonrates.com parameter.
  4. Select the Base Currency.
  5. Choose to enable/disable the Inverse exchange rates feature. If Yes, then the results will be 1 (one) divided the rates.
  6. Select which format you want to use for the currency label, full name or symbol, for example: 'United States Dollar (USD)' or 'USD'
  7. Select the list of foreign currencies.
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