If you've been thinking about switching to Joomla or upgrading your Joomla site to a newer version, the time to act is now; Joomla 3.0 has finally arrived.

Standing above it's competitors in both responsive front-end design and admin-user interface, Joomla 3.0 is raising the bar in becoming the first mobile-ready CMS. Business2community.com states this latest version will feature improvements like the integration of the Bootstrap framework, which is a CSS-based 12-column responsive grid framework used exclusively in Joomla.

To host a website, you need a domain name, a server to host the website, and then to bind them together.
Hosting for newbies can be included in these easy 4 steps:

  1. Choose a domain name.
  2. Order a web hosting account.
  3. Bind the domain name and the hosting server.
  4. Build and upload the web site.

Why would anyone confuse Java and JavaScript? Java is a convenient programming language created in 1995 that allows users to write simple computer programs for the web. It is called an Object Oriented Programming language, or OOP, meaning it is a whole program made up of individual programs that function as intended once they are all put together. While JavaScript has a very similar name, it is a convenient Object Oriented Programming language, created in 1995, allowing users to write simple computer programs for the web…uh oh.