I will describe here some of my expereinces in Joomla development.

A few months ago, I have implemented pagination support in the K2 Content module for one of my clients.
It with implemented using Ajax technology upon on the client request, but I will use jQuery (client side) pagination in this tutorial, leaving the Ajax pagination to next tutorial, let's go on...

This is a simple tutorial for how to integrate ChronoForms and K2...


To integrate Chronforms and K2, such that form fields generated by ChronoForms can be populated with K2 extra field values for a K2 item.

For example, you have created a ChronoForms form with name 'contactus', this form has the following fields:

Its a common problem for K2 newbies, when they try to configure K2 to allow users to submit/edit items on the front-end:

When you try to submit/edit items on the front-end I get this message: 403 - You are not authorized to view this resource

To make front-end edit/submit works smoothly, there are some parameters need to be configured properly: