Create Your Own Professional Website using Joomla

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Build a Professional WebsiteIf you new to building websites, there’s no more easily than today as you can start having your own professional website in just one hour, using the one of the most powerful CMS today, completely free – Joomla.

Joomla is a free content management system CMS. This is a very powerful tool that you just need to download and install it on your web hosting server.

If you are looking for an easy Joomla installation, SiteGround Joomla Hosting offers 1-Click installation, free domain name for life and a free template with support, what a great offer!

Joomla is 2 sided, front-end and back-end, your visitors can only see the front-end, and you can manage your website from back-end. It sounds confused and complicated but it’s very easy indeed.

Once your Joomla website is up, you just need to login to your back-end administration and write you content and publish it, all is done in WYSIWYG manner, simply unbelievable. You don’t have to learn the HTML or Javacripts or PHP or MySQL, if you know how to use windows, then you can use Joomla.

Most of the time people define website professionalism by 2 criteria, contents and website design.

An average Joe can write articles, hence you need to think of getting a nice website design for your website. Basically you need to get a nice template and install on your Joomla website, and that it is.

The great part of Joomla is it is open source, and there’re many template developer around. You may find nice template for free or commercial Joomla template which is sold at around $29 and above or you design it yourself (template design made easy with the help of bootstrap framework, look at this video tutorial for more details Joomla 3 Template Design).

As a beginner I would suggest you to get free Joomla template and familiar yourself with your website design. If you think free Joomla template is not quality design, and then you’re wrong. From thousands of Joomla themes, it’s impossible that you couldn’t get one professional Joomla template for yourself.

However, searching free Joomla template need time and efforts to do so since it’s free, I doubt if there’s nobody would like to tell you where to find a professional templates as they may want to use it on their website too. Who want a web design which can be seen everywhere on the internet? I would suggest you save your time on Joomla templates and put more efforts on your contents as you can learn how easy you can get more than 3500 Joomla templates from Joomla Template Secrets .

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