Eclipse with XDebug, An internal error occurred during: "Execute Debug Command".

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Eclipse is used heavily by php developers, so I'm using itCool

One of the most wanted features by any developer is the ability to debug code, step into code lines and watch variables to inspect their values, inspect expressions values, set breakpoints, etc...

XDebug is a famous php debugging tool that can be integrated into eclipse IDE to build a complete web development framework.  

While I'm debugging a peice of code, I found that the debug buttons are inactive, so I cannot step into the code, after restarting the debug process again the buttons became active, but after stepping into code the following message received:

An internal error occurred during: "Execute Debug Command".

This error happens when have variables from other functions in the Expressions tab, so to fix it, simply remove any expression that has a varibale from any other function, and restart the debug session again.

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