Find Out Best Filter and Search Extensions for Joomla K2

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Whatever your site's content, it is very important to allow your site's visitors to search K2 content items.

Especially when you utilize extra fields to extend K2 items, it is great for visitors to search and filter K2 content by different types of filters.

Why Do You Need Search and Filter for K2?

As you may know, K2 extra fields are saved as JSON string in one database column, so it is not straightforward to filter items by extra field values, and K2 does not provide this functionality in the core package.

So, you really need to choose and install some extension to add this feature to your Joomla! K2 site.

But, which extension to choose for this job?

This article is just to help you to choose the most suitable extension for your site needs, it is not affiliated with any of the developers or products listed below, the ordering does not reflect any preference or endorsement.

let's start...

Which Search and Filter Extension to Install?

 This article is divided into two parts:

1- Features Matrix: it is a feature comparison that covers all the Joomla! extensions I found to implement search and filter for K2, it helps you to quickly look up the most extension that provides the largest possible collection of features you need.

2- A list of short reviews for each extension, to focus on the known pros and cons of each option.

Features Matrix

 JA K2 FilterK2 Filter and SearchK2 Easy FilterFilter for K2K2 FiltrifyYJ K2 FilterSearch for K2
Extra fields filter
Extra fields search
Sort results
Layout customization
Content search
Auto complete search
Dynamic counter
Configurable filter options
Override core files
Paid/Free Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Free
Restrict search by category
Auto-submit function (Configurable) (Configurable)
Ajax search results (Configurable) (Configurable)
Chained fields support
Multi-language support
Filter logic choosing
Server side or client side filtering Server Server Server Server Client Server Server
Tags filter
Category filter
Author filter
Dates filter
Rating filter
Price $35 USD for 1 year $29.9 USD for 1 year $9.9 USD for 1 year € 20 for 12 months € 15 for 12 months $58 USD for 3 months
Club membership
JED Score 91/100 100/100 96/100 100/100 100/100 53/100 Not Reviewed
Latest Release Feb. 2017 May. 2017 Feb. 2017 Mar. 2016 Mar. 2016 Apr. 2016 Dec. 2015
Extension Parts
Component, module, plugin Module, Plugin Module, Plugin Module, Plugin Module Module, Plugin Plugin

1. JA K2 Filter

JA K2 Filter is a Joomla package developed by JoomlaArt, it consists of a component, a module, and a plugin.
JA K2 Filter has many features, almost any feature you imagine is already implemented.
JoomlaArt maintains a detailed documentation, clean code and is actively developing JA K2 Filter with more features being added regularly.
It has a plugin which automatically indexes all extra fields whenever you customize K2 items.
The only disadvantage I find in JA K2 Filter is overriding core files of K2, which makes it difficult to integrate with some other K2 extensions.

2. K2 Filter and Search

K2 Filter and Search is developed by JOOMCAR, it consists of a module and a plugin.
It has many relevant features, such as filtering by extra fields, tags, categories, dates, etc..
In addition to that, it has unique features I didn't find in other extensions, such as restricting the search to a specific category, and display item title filter as text and A-Z index.
It does not override K2 core files, almost all things are configurable, so I consider it the most flexible search and filter extension for K2.
On the other hand, the documentation is not as detailed as expected.

3. K2 Easy Filter

K2 Easy Filter is another (module/plugin) extension from JOOMCAR
It has a limited and basic filter functionality, you can filter K2 items by only: keyword, tag, category, author and creation date.
No extra fields filter in this module.

4. Filter for K2

Filter for K2 is a (module/plugin) extension developed by StyleWare.
It has and advanced set of search and filter features.
The developers said it is suitable for adding search and filter functionality to shops, catalogs, and product sites.
Also, the developers claimed that it is successfully tested to filter more than 6000 K2 items at once!

5. K2 Filtrify

K2 Filtrify is another filter module from StyleWare, it works on the extra fields and some other core fields, but only on the client side.
K2 Filtrify has its own view, all filtering calculations are made by the visitor's browser, no ajax there.
As per the developer's recommendation, this module is good to filter a maximum of 150-200 K2 items at once, otherwise, you need another server-side filtering extension.

6. YJ K2 Filter

YJ K2 Filter is a (module and plugin) extension developed by YOUJOOMLA, the first version has been released in Jul 2012.
It has the basic search and filter features, in addition to few advanced features such as chained fields for dropdown fields only.
No new features added a long time ago, its latest update was released in Apr. 2016
You can't purchase the extension separately, it is available for club members only, the same for its documentation.

7. Search for K2

Search for K2 is a simple FREE plugin, it only adds a form on the top of the category view.
The form displays only the extra fields to filter the items on the category view.
The plugin is very basic, seems its development stopped since Dec. 2015

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