Invoicera: A perfect solution for your invoicing & project Management needs

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Billing and invoicing are at the core of any business as it forms a mechanism to receive payments for the services rendered or the products offered. It is no longer perceived as ‘yet another’ activity in the routine business cycle, but instead has been recognized as an integral and important business process.

It is for this reason why entrepreneurs, professionals and even freelancers are always on the lookout for the best way to do their billing, and their intention is driven by finding the answer to one very popular question, “What is the best billing/invoicing software”?

There cannot be one specific answer to this question. With the number of online invoicing and accounting applications increasing exponentially, categorizing anyone as best might be prejudice. But having said that not all can be put in one bracket and, therefore, evaluating them on various grounds becomes imperative. One of the primary and most important factors (amongst many) in deciphering the best alternative is to have an uncluttered understanding of the business requirements.

One of the most recent online invoicing applications I reviewed was Invoicera and it really impressed with its functionality. It is without a doubt one of the best cloud based application available. And anyone who is looking for an invoicing application can consider Invoicera for professional use.



About Invoicera

Invoicera is an online invoicing and time tracking project management tool. According to the website "Invoicera is an online billing software which is specifically designed keeping simplicity and online invoicing convenience in mind, while at the same time offering the best of the breed invoicing features".

Invoicera is fairly straight forward billing program, it allows you to enter all your clients, open new projects associated with those clients, and then track and bill all your time on those projects. Project related expenses can also be managed and re-billed to clients. The setup is easy; allowing you to fill important details in minutes. The application has a nice clean interface, is friendly and intuitive, with a nice tabbed layout. Therefore, it was easy to navigate and move around without getting caught at any point in time.

The Application

Comprehending the application was easy and all I had do to was explore various sections. I started by creating an invoice and it all went about effortlessly. Everything right from a new client to late fees can be added from the invoice itself, thereby, saving a lot of time and unnecessary clicks. The user interface (UI) is unarguably amongst the best when compared with many other similar applications. The reports section needs to be improved upon as reports pertaining to taxes, VAT, forecasting, etc were missing.

The time tracking capability of the application was impressive as the interface was really simple. And this advantage has been extended with Basecamp project management integration, which allows users to import their Basecamp projects, staff and clients to Invoicera account. The time for these projects can be tracked using Invoicera’s time tracking feature and then converted to invoice with a single click.

Apart from this Google time tracking gadget is also available to track and log project work time from Gmail as well as iGoogle account.


Pricing of Invoicera’s packages is ultra competitive considering the advantages and benefits it renders to the users. There is a free plan available for those who wish to test the functionality of the application. This plan, of course, has its limitations. The paid plans start from as low as $9.95 which it even more attractive and lucrative. The other two packages are priced at $19.95 and $49.95 respectively.

The overall experience of reviewing the application was enriching. Invoicera throws up a one- two punch by demonstrating extremely simple yet powerful user interface combined with very useful and unique features. Invoicera is one of the few online invoicing applications which are well focused on its customers’ needs. With tons of features, excellent support and ultra competitive pricing Invoicera is definitely worth checking out.

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