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Why would anyone confuse Java and JavaScript? Java is a convenient programming language created in 1995 that allows users to write simple computer programs for the web. It is called an Object Oriented Programming language, or OOP, meaning it is a whole program made up of individual programs that function as intended once they are all put together. While JavaScript has a very similar name, it is a convenient Object Oriented Programming language, created in 1995, allowing users to write simple computer programs for the web…uh oh.

Origins of Java and JavaScript

Clearly it’s very understandable why Java and JavaScript would get confused even though JavaScript was invented by Brendan Eich and Netscape while Java is a creation of James Gosling at Sun Microsystems. However there are important differences between the two languages, and they cannot be used interchangeably. Here’s where Java and JavaScript part company.

Differences Between Java vs. JavaScript

You may be familiar with the term “Java Applet.” This is a mini-application created using Java. There are no “JavaScript Applets,” though, because JavaScript is not complex enough to allow the creation of stand-alone programs of this nature. JavaScript must be placed into an HTML document to work.

One reason for this is that JavaScript is much simpler than Java. JavaScript is a text-based language, which means you simply write it into an HTML document and let the browser run it. You can even make changes rather easily once it has run by just rewriting whatever is necessary and plugging it back into the browser. In contrast, Java needs to be compiled into a “machine language” before it can be run. This requires compiling by a special program before you can put it into the HTML document. This means that you cannot easily change the program. Essentially you will have to start over and recompile if you need to make changes.

Notes About Java vs. JavaScript

Note that the Java Applet is independent of the HTML document that it is placed into. The HTML document is basically just the placeholder for the Java applet. JavaScript, on the other hand, is integrated into the HTML document. Many experienced programmers find Java to be much more versatile and useful in a variety of programming situations. While JavaScript’s functionality may be a bit more limited, it is easier to use, so if you are a novice to programming, then you may want to try using JavaScript instead.

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