How To Enable K2 Frontend Edit/Submit Items for Beginners

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Its a common problem for K2 newbies, when they try to configure K2 to allow users to submit/edit items on the front-end:

When you try to submit/edit items on the front-end I get this message: 403 - You are not authorized to view this resource

To make front-end edit/submit works smoothly, there are some parameters need to be configured properly:

1- Front-end permissions in K2 parameters, Open K2 Parameters form then go to Front-end Editing, and set Enable front-end editing to Yes

K2 Parameters


2- Go to User Groups, and create/edit K2 user groups that will be allowed to submit from frontend, and configure the its parameters properly, make sure to set to Yes. Also make sure that you selected the categories that will be available for user to submit items to.

k2 User Groups


3- Go to Users manager of K2, and create/edit users to assign them to the K2 User Groups configured in step 2.

k2 Users

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