What To Know Before You Switch Web Hosting Companies

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A hosting platform is the nuts and bolts, the mortar, the basic foundation of your website. It's what keeps your website up and running on the Internet. If your web host service falters, as it did for millions of websites with the GoDaddy outage, revenues can be cut in half for any particular amount of downtime suffered.

So how does a business owner know which web hosting service is right for a business web site? For most businesses, a site needs to be fast, reliable, secure and have 99.9 percent uptime across the board.

With a variety of hosting platforms available, you need to do your research to find the best options for your site(s). For instance, it helps to know the differences between the types of hosting options available, like shared hosting, dedicated hosting, virtual private server hosting like VPS Windows and co-located hosting.

Will you be selling materials from your site? If so, you'll need a dedicated shopping cart with e-commerce capabilities for your customers.

Check with your web development team on what specific needs your site requires. HelloAll offers specific insights into what a good web host provides for your business.


If your site offers loads of video clips, images and other gobblers of bandwidth, make sure you get a gigabyte's galore for your site. Compare different bandwidth plans and purchase a web hosting plan that enhances the storage and speed of your site.

Hosting Plans

According to Freeservers.com, virtual private server hosting involves multiple users sharing a dedicated server, and the server space is split into dedicated sections for the users. This arrangement gives web site owners control of a dedicated server, without a massive outlay in money for its own server. Other plans are well worth looking into for the specific needs of your web site.

Customer Reviews

Analyzing feedback from current and former customers of a particular web hosting service is always recommended. A great place to find customer and editor reviews is Joomla Hosting Reviews This site is run by a Joomla web developers and they host sites with each or their top picks.

Their current top picks are

Test some of the host's current customer sites, this should give you a good idea if the hosting company has fast servers or not. Check load times for html and images. Be sure to do your research before signing any long-term contracts.

Backup Contingencies

Web Hosting OptionsBefore working directly with a specific web hosting company, research and understan

d information the company provides in regards to its backup services. In the event of an outage, make sure you understand how the files get recovered for a business to use on a new uploaded backup site. In any case, a site should always have a back up of your files on another server.

Overall, make sure your host company's service is reliable, secure and stable. Can the firm handle the amount of customers and web traffic it currently has? Do they stay away from server overload? And are they choosy? A good hosting site will carefully evaluate which sites to host and which ones to avoid.

A good web hosting service helps bring great websites to life online. Both the service and the sites are co-dependent on one another, so be wise in your choice of service.

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