How to reset the password of Joomla super admin?

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Joomla passwords are encrypted, so you can't retrieve it from the database, and in case you lost or forgot it, you can only reset it with a known password, without the password you can't login to the backend and practice your usual work as a webmaster.

I will explain how to reset the password of Joomla super admin in the following steps...

Passwords are saved in the jos_users table, the prefix jos_ can be anything else.

The solution in this situation is to update the the password field directly in the database.

Find how to resest/change it in the following steps:

1- Using any tool to manage MySQL databases, like phpMyAdmin or phpMyApplicatin, run this SQL statement:
SELECT md5('reset') FROM jos_users LIMIT 0,1

2- Copy the resulting encrypted database, it will be "86266ee937d97f812a8e57d22b62ee29" without the quotations.

3- Open the jos_users table and edit the record of the super admin account, it is usually with the lowest id.

4- Paste the encrypted password into the password field and save.

Now you can login to Joomla backend after entering reset in the password field.

Make sure to change the password after resetting it, this is for security purposes.

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