Welcome to Joomla 3.0

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If you've been thinking about switching to Joomla or upgrading your Joomla site to a newer version, the time to act is now; Joomla 3.0 has finally arrived.

Standing above it's competitors in both responsive front-end design and admin-user interface, Joomla 3.0 is raising the bar in becoming the first mobile-ready CMS. Business2community.com states this latest version will feature improvements like the integration of the Bootstrap framework, which is a CSS-based 12-column responsive grid framework used exclusively in Joomla.



The updated version includes a fully responsive site template, responsive admin user interface and responsive core output to easily translate code for mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones and computer screens, without compromising the quality of the site's appearance. Bootstrap can be described as the simple and flexible HTML, CSS and Javascript for user interface components and interactions, according to Jootstrap.com, making it easier to create a responsive site. The full integration of Bootstrap framework means more use of JQuery and less CSS coding.

Making Dev Easy

Spending less time writing code means you will be able to focus more on site administration. Joomla 3.0 focuses on having a scheduled backup of your site's earlier version to keep a full and consistent record of your site's content. Joomla! Documentation, the part of the Joomla site dedicated to answer your coding and installation questions, suggests you create a backup of your site and this can even be done remotely through apps when working with some of the best cloud hosting providers out there. Not all cloud hosting providers are created equally. Some are free, which are great, but hold less data. Some are pricey and will hold more data than you need. Find what suits your sites needs.

Front-End Just Got Simpler

An organized filtering system and drag and drop features are incredibly useful for content managers. A major redesign that changed the article edit screen to reflect a revamped article details section in admin includes publishing options, article options and metadata all in one and the text edit page is available upfront, on the dashboard.

Joomla Updates

Installing Jommla 3.0 has been cut to a small number of steps, according to the Joomla site. In addition to the fully responsive admin user interface and JQuery integration, a new system called JFeed will replace SimplePie for feed management. Users can save blank articles and the keyword search tool is more efficient and direct. For multilingual sites, Joomla 3.0 included easier-to-install language packages that can be applied to sites that can be more easily translated.

Update It

Janice Gentles-Jones, a writer for business2community.com says to update versions for third-party extensions and plugins for your site, and get those updates through reliable sources. Failing to get the correct updated plugins, could make you a perfect target for being hacked.

Open Source

If free is your favorite flavor, you'll want to savor your time used on this open-source version of Joomla. Easy to use, free and now better than even subscription-based CMS programs, Joomla 3.0 should be a site management tool for your website.

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