MEFG User Manual

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Installation & Upgrade:

MEFG installation and upgrade is done from Extension Manager like other Joomla! extensions. It is installed as K2 plugin inside the plugins/k2 directory.

Make sure to Enable/Publish the plugin from Plug-in Manager.


These are the parameters form shown in the picture below:


The EFG List Layout parameter when set to Multiple Select, then the extra field groups are rendered as Multiple Select in the category edit form, when set to Checkboxes, they are rendered as Checkboxes.

Sort Select/MultipleSelect Fields: when set to Yes, this will display the values of Select and Multiple Select fields ordered alphabetically.

Enable/Disable Image Values: when set to Enable, values of select , multiple select and radio button fields will be displayed as images/icons, if the these fields are configured for this purpose, as explained later in the FAQs section.

Images Path: the path of images/icons that will be used in case the previous option is enabled.


How to implement multiple extra field groups?

To implement multiple extra field groups for a category:


1- Go to Components>K2>Categories.

2- Click a category to edit.

3- Scroll to the bottom of the edit form, and check/select the required extra field groups, and Save.

Now, when you create/edit an item belongs to this category, you will see extra fields from all selected groups in step 3 in the Extra Fields tab.

How to implement checkbox rendering?

In the above figure, you can see Checkbox Field IDs input, where you select multiselect fields, to render them as checkboxes in the item edit form.

Look at the figure below to see the Interests field, which is created as a multiselect field but rendered as checkoxes because its ID is entered in the Checkbox Field IDs input as shown in the figure above.


How to implement image values for select, multiselect and radio button fields?

1- Edit the plugin, set the Enable/Disable Image Values to Enable, and enter the Images Path to the relative path of images/icons, don't forget to upload the image files to that path :)

2- Go to the Components> K2> Extra Fields, and edit the field you like to show its values as images, this field must by of type: select, multiselect or radiobutton.

3- For each value, end the character '|' at the end, and then enter the image/icon filename, for example:





Then Save & Close.

The field should look like the below image:


Now you will see images instead of the string values.

Known Issues:

1- When there is a date field, I got an error says:Calendar.setup:  Nothing to setup (no fields found).  Please check your code , how to fix it?

Edit the file: libraries/joomla/html/html.php

Go to the line ~879 and find this line:
'window.addEvent(\'domready\', function() {Calendar.setup({

And replace it with this line:
'window.addEvent(\'load\', function() {Calendar.setup({

Save the file


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